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Addon Domain

When you want to manage multiple domains from one hosting account, you’ll need to set up addon domains. These domain share the resources of your primary domain but direct visitors to a separate website with its own directory. When a user types in the address of your addon domain, they’re taken to that website and see only that domain in the address bar of their browser.

Before creating an addon domain, make sure that your host supports this feature. Also keep in mind that all addon domains draw from the same bandwidth as and share file storage space with your primary domain. Be sure that you have enough space and bandwidth to handle the traffic from multiple websites.

In order to use this function, the domain that you want to add must be registered either through your existing hosting provider or a domain registration service. You’ll have to change the nameservers for that domain so that they point to the account where the files for your addon domain are hosted.

Set up addon domains:


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